Environmental Assessment (EA) is the assessment of environmental consequences. It could be a plan, policy, program, or actual project. EA aids the decision-making process before moving forward with the proposed action.

Types of Environmental assessments are EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment), SOE (State of Environment), Integrated Environmental Assessment and reporting (IEA), and Corporate environmental assessment and reporting.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an aspect under environmental assessment that evaluates possible impacts before deciding to execute a project. It looks at the positive and negative consequences of a proposed project to the environment. The EIA helps with the development process, making it easier to focus on the positive impacts while finding solutions/minimization to the negative ones.

Environmental Impact Assessment focuses on the assessment of the actual project. Unlike Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). It assesses the social, environmental, and economic consequences of a project by individuals or companies.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) assesses the consequences of policies and programs. SEA is a more systematic and comprehensive approach to the decision support process. It aims at ensuring the environment undergoes a well-considered effective policy plan or program-making system. Through the assessment of policies, companies can create ways to bridge gaps in their policies. Underlying issues get mitigated.

It also has an interest in the sustainability of other aspects of the environment. Strategic Environmental Assessment involves identifying and evaluating the environmental consequences of proposed policies, plans, or programs. It ensures that the impacts are fully included and appropriately addressed at the earliest possible stage of decision-making. In line with economic and social considerations, of course.

State of Environment (SOE) is an environment report used to preserve the government through reporting. It provides information about what is happening in the environment and is mainly concerned about the biophysical environment. SOE can also include the human dimension in the context of humanity's pressure on the environment. Terms of State of Environment relates to an analysis of trends in a particular environmental area.

Integrated Environmental Assessment and reporting (IEA) deals with the production and

communication of relevant information. The information is on interactions between the environment and human society. It integrates economic, social, and environmental issues in the analyses. The IEA tries to show the link between humans and the environment and guides to bettering the environment.

Now, Corporate environmental assessment and reporting. Private sectors also play a vital role in the environment. For this reason, they are active players in producing annual reports. The reports assess their environmental performance in production. Showing, overall, the impact the environment has on the corporate business.

These are the various types of environmental assessments. They equally have an interest in the general well-being and safety of the environment.

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